Pediatric Dentist

A woman holds a toddler while kissing his cheek.
There are many things to consider when choosing a dentist for your child.

Pediatric dentists specialize in treating children. But any general dentist can also treat children, so why go to one who only sees kids? In this post we’ll explain why your children should have a dentist who knows kids.

Dentists for Kids

Kids are not just tiny adults.

Kids actually have different teeth than adults. And the issues associated with teething, losing teeth, and straightening are all very specific to children. The types of treatments and materials that are best suited for children are the highest focus of dentists who work with kids.

The dentist and staff LOVE working with kids.

From the waiting room to the dental hygienists, pediatric dental offices are designed for kids. At Super Kids Austin, we only hire caring staff who love kids and understand how to make them feel comfortable in our office.

Pediatric dentists receive specialized training.

After dental school, pediatric dentists do another training with only infants, kids, teens, and children with special needs. Also, dentists who work with children choose to take continuing education courses in topics that impact children.

Early education is important for a lifetime of healthy dental habits.

Dental offices that cater to children are dedicated to patient education. We focus on teaching proper brushing and flossing techniques, eating healthy foods, and helping children understand why their dental health is part of their overall health.

At Super Kids Austin we are committed to each child we see. Our dentists and staff have chosen to work only with infants, kids, and teens. We are dedicated to making your child feel welcomed and comfortable in our office. And most of all, we believe that early dental health is key for a lifetime of healthy smiles.