The Big Latch On Event at Super Kids Austin

We are excited to announce that we are a host site for the 10th Annual Global Big Latch On. Please join us on Saturday, August 3 from 10-12 for a special event for breastfeeding moms. You’ll learn a bit about your child’s oral health, participate in a record-breaking group nursing session, and meet other moms.

Dental Emergencies | Know When to Call

Accidents happen. As parents, we want to keep our kids safe and healthy, but sometimes it's hard to know when to call a doctor--or even go to the emergency room. At Super Kids Austin, we are available for after-hours, emergency appointments. In this post, we will...

Can Candy Be Good for Your Teeth?

We’ve all heard that candy is bad for our teeth. The sticky, sugary treats are known to contribute to dental decay and cavities. What if there were candies that weren’t bad, but actually good for your oral health? We tried xylitol lollipops to learn more about this dentist-approved candy.

Mission: Dental Health Education

Part of our mission is to increase awareness about oral health within our community. We started this blog so that we could share news, advice, and more in-depth information about our services.

Invisible Aligners: A New Option for Straightening Teeth

Straightening teeth doesn't have to involve expensive and uncomfortable metal braces anymore. The technology of invisible aligners offers patients the option of a different orthodontic experience. We are pleased to announce that we offer NoviClear aligners here at...

Tongue Tie and Lip Tie in Infants and Children

Babies born with extra connective tissue under the tongue or lip may have trouble with breastfeeding, breathing, and learning to speak. A frenectomy is a simple procedure that can eliminate the problem.

Eight Great Books about Teeth and the Dentist

Reading books together is an effective way to promote healthy dental habits for children. It's also a good way to talk through any fears that may come with going to the dentist. These are a few of our favorite books about teeth and going to the dentist for you to...

Tips to Make Tooth Brushing Fun (Not a Battle)

We need to brush our teeth for two minutes, two times a day. It's easy to remember, but not always so easy to do with young kids who like to do things their own way. Below we've put together a few tips and tricks that we've learned as dental professionals (and moms!)...

Pediatric Dentist

Pediatric dentists specialize in treating children. But any general dentist can also treat children, so why go to one who only sees kids? In this post we'll explain why your children should have a dentist who knows kids. Dentists for Kids 1. Kids are not just tiny...

Renovations Complete!

We have been working on renovations to our office and it's almost ready to welcome all our super patients. Check out the photos below to see our progress. We are now scheduling appointments. You can call the office or use our convenient online scheduler to book your...

Relief for Teething Babies

When your baby is in pain, it’s frustrating not to know how to help. We put together some of our best advice for bringing relief to teething babies.

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